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Energy Cleansing for Spiritual Growth

Hi, it’s Linda here, how are you today?

Just to preempt those of you who know about these Beautiful Anahata Code activations, the recording is available on my Linda Simpson - Heartisan You Tube Channel.

Excretion is a word that’s not quite acceptable and in a world where so much it acceptable, I find that strange. Anyway, to me excretion really is more about Clearing, in my thoughts anyway.

Any time I’ve intentionally cleared something on my time line I also request that my body take any memory of this and track it through my elimination process.

In other cleansing the Kidney does a huge job for us. As far back as the Old Testament there were writings about how kidneys are associated with the most inner stirrings of emotional life. But they are also viewed as the seat of the secret thoughts.

This makes me smile as I often find the meditation involved inside that smallest room is one which brings many pieces of guidance.

This is along with the shower, which is another cleansing tool for us humans. You can easily ‘imagine’ the clearing as the water tumbles.

The #secondchakra, or #sacralchakra, is the one associated with our kidneys. It represents our source of creativity and sexuality so clearing the way for creativity sounds like always being an awesome thing.

My online time spent investigating this word Excretion took me down a huge rabbit hole with such awareness. So, to save this from being a hugely long video, I do promote that you type ‘Excretion spiritually’ into your own search engine and have a cruise through some of the writings.

I very quickly found mentions of Martin Luther, Jung, Charles Darwin and more inside a great article called Toilet Psychology. The article was written with tongue in cheek humour and was very enlightening.

Today has been thanks to the #AnahataCode that I intuited for us prior to creating this video. That was the code for Excretion and the information I’ve shared here. The code is now available on my You Tube Channel. It represents a 4 min mini meditation/activation which links the Code to your Heart Library. The time lines are shown so you can just click through to the actual activation.

Sending you Love Bubbles over the airwaves, Bye for now. Xoxox


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