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I Versus WE

Hello Everyone, Linda here from Highly Sensitive and Neutralizing With Love and today we’re going to chat about I versus WE.

First off I’d like to confirm that I’ll be promoting the newest Neutralizing With Love Journey, Process, Meditation at the end of our chat.

Love Bubble Energy is exactly what I just said, a journey, a process, a meditation. Whatever you need it to be. It’s a way to Flow in Life. More to come on this topic at the end.

Now we can come back to our main topic, I versus We.

This is about standing alone OR remembering that you have a team.

I’m talking about the team who decided to stand by you when you came here; when you came here to Earth for this journey and some of your Earthly teams as well or course.

So do you want to know what brought me to talk to you about I versus WE?

It was when I suddenly heard, really heard what some people were saying, and what they weren’t saying and many of them use ‘I’ when they’re describing things and not ‘We’ and you know that we don’t very often do things entirely alone, do we.

My gorgeous husband helped me a lot with this topic, unknowingly, of course. I find it funny how our partner's enhance our learning curves with their examples. Partners are really great for clarifying stuff like this huh and if it makes you annoyed then that’s the time to look into it and ask why, why am I annoyed.

Their behavior offers us such awareness because they’re really close to us and mine was using ‘I’ as his descriptor in a lot of things; Things that we’d done together. When he was talking to other people he’d be saying, ‘I did this’ and ‘I did that’.

The fairly obvious reason is because I may not have done the actual nailing or the building for the end result but many times I had the idea and the design. Or maybe ‘all’ I did was provide meals and backup.

This annoyed me for a while and I couldn’t work out why until just today, on my morning bike ride, when all of a sudden I got it.

I saw that I was annoyed because with the use of the ‘I’ factor he was discounting the value of the team. Do you see that? And also how anyone using the ‘I’ factor can discount and even diminish the effects of their own team, whether physical or nonphysical.

‘I’ means that I have to do everything by myself; sometimes with the belief that I’m the only person who Can do these things.

If someone frequently uses ‘I’ then how much latitude is there for that person to even acknowledge the value of a non-physical or physical team.

Working this way is very solitary and can be quite a negative trap, as it means I have to do everything, I’m the only person who can do this, I live alone so there’s only me to do the stuff required to make a house or unit work. Etc. etc.

‘We’ offers a greater support structure. OK, I know that your non-physical team probably can’t take out the household rubbish, or mow the lawns, but their support becomes more and more obvious as you grow into awareness and how that works is bigger than what you think. Even as you grow in your spiritual awareness and your understanding of why you’re here, even as you grow the back up and the synchronicities that your non-physical assistance provides you is just awesome, it leaves you smiling.

‘We’ says that even though I may be living by myself and have all the responsibilities of that role, I know in my heart that I’m not alone.

I’m part of a team.

Always part of a team.

Together you and your team chose for you to come here and represent the team.

So in choosing ‘We’, you instantly have that backup; you instantly know that you're not alone; there’s a feeling of sharing the consequences and the outcomes.

Having said all that, there are sure to be some areas of your life where using ‘We’ could have people looking at you sideways. Maybe even fitting you out for one of those cool white coats with the extra long sleeves??? At these times it’s prudent to use ‘I’ maybe acknowledging ‘We’ in your heart.

You know how some of our cameo learning curves come in some very different ways? Well, I wanted to tell you about this lovely man who was part of my world a while back and who planted some beautiful cameos regarding behaviour and acknowledgement of things outside of yourself.

He had a base in Christianity and had some, what I call, mini life rules.

One of them was about how, when you know the rules, you can’t cheat. You get this, huh. It’s kind of obvious. This one has shown itself to me a lot and helped me in many ways.

Another thing I noticed was that he always said ‘We’, even when he was obviously alone.

He had work that would have him travelling a lot by car and if he was travelling late we’d call and chat to make the time go faster. He always said, ‘Oh we’re travelling really well . . . .’; it was ‘we’ this and ‘we’ that.

I knew he was by himself in the car but he showed that he had a belief that was greater than himself; and I’m sure that kept him safe in his travels.

That’s what’s here for you if you have any belief outside of your human form. Consider your team; consider how you are in life and where having the different teams around you really makes your life More Expansive.

So what’s the point of me talking about all this?

When you’re an ‘I’ (and I think you’ve got this), when you’re an ‘I’, you’re alone. When you’re a ‘We’ you’re a team.

Whether that team’s fairly and squarely in front of you and in human form, in critter form, in tree form, or whatever is living here on earth. Or whether you feel, sense, even sometimes see or have awareness of the team that’s backing you on this journey here on Earth.

Just go with the ‘We’, it's so much easier when you know the team’s backing you and you know that together you all choose your journey here on Earth; you chose it with the team.

And your journey’s special, that's what makes you a unique part of this team, the greater team of Earth and the Universe; the wonderful journey that you've chosen here.

This is really why Love Bubble Energy emerged as a Process to download, create, apply English to and share. I do know that pretty well all of you understand how impactful walking your journey out in public can be and utilizing the enormous and awesome energy and flow of Love Bubbles eases these moments.

As I upload this blog post the Love Bubble Energy process has landed and is listed at the most acceptable cost of $2.00.

So find your way to the shop page and please let me know how this awesome new process has assisted you. I have so enjoyed listening to it as I’ve perfected the wording and I love hearing your stories.

Thanks heaps for joining me, I do so appreciate your time and your support. It would be great (if you haven’t already) if you could subscribe to the channel. Once we grow it a little bigger You Tube backs us more. So thanks for that.

Finally, remember, you are loved, you’re unique and wonderful and I will catch you again soon. Bye for now.

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