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Brain Massage

This is a very beautiful and simplistic process aimed at eliminating pockets of stress and anxiety.

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Working with Linda

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Vibrational Recalibration

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Open your neural pathways for connection & clarity.

Relax your brain with a Brain Massage - Gently clearing busy clutter

THEN Bed in the change with a personalized Anahata Code Session

Using magic Angel hands for a relaxing and gentle Mind-Walk Brain Massage.


The creating of this beautiful journey came about through seeing people with anxious thought patterning, which inhibits growth in most areas of your world. While developing and sharing the process I felt such pleasure from the outcome as the results show that you could:


  • Feel Clearer

  • Feel Relaxed

  • Feel Happier

  • Feel Connected

How long will the process take?

We'll be together for at least an hour. It’s advisable to leave some time once we’re complete for earthing and grounding back here into this now moment.

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What do I do in our session:


Guide you through the Brain Massage Process

  • Activate your ownintuited Anahata Codes

  • Hold clear space while you’re growing your own inner strength

  • Be the clear conduit your Source asks for

  • Guide the work your inner being requests


What I don’t do:

  • Heal you

  • Fix you

  • Tell you what to do


What kind of impact will this have on me?

This is a very gentle process which allows for a natural relaxing and releasing. All completed with a loving mindset.

Is this something that I can use myself?

Yes. Through our time together you will learn this process and can choose to use it at any time. 

When working with you, holding space for you, we hold a higher energy, as you would recognise from times when you’ve shared space with a Soul Sister. The energy is high and this is the magic quotient enabling more application and more success.

What are these Anahata Codes?

Codes are what you bought here to earth with you. They’re not strangers in your life, the words are just new to you. They live in your Heart Library and get purposefully or accidentally activated to assist and enable you.

This is about the story that You wrote about your life here, the story you wrote before you arrived. It’s not a hard puzzle to Work on, rather it’s a Beautiful Unfolding of where you’re going.

It is my honour to stand with you through this beautiful process and to KNOW that our space will unseen and unknown obstables gently, cleanly and lovingly.

How much does this process cost?

The entire process costs $175.00

This includes the beautiful Brain Massage process, activation of the intuited Anahata Codes.

Payment is via PayPal using the button.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Once payment has been sent we can confirm the perfect time for You.

Please contact me if this shines for you and you need to create a payment plan with me - I've been blessed with a payment plan many times and am totally happy to offer this here. Much Love.

If you have more questions after reading this information I'm available on 

Sending Love Bubbles out over the airwaves to YOU.

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