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Hello Beautiful Soul,​

I wanted to chat here first, before you scroll down into the rest of 'what I do'.


You'll notice that there's no sign of a booking calendar and that's because I flow with your time zone and my availability and this can't always be reflected inside a calendar structure, so when you're wanting to book me, email me on to begin the process.

I believe so passionately in Self-Awareness and Inner Growth that I don't book any extended one-to-one appointments as I never want to be your cuddly.

My wish is that, through my fairly unique processes and clear connection to your guidance, you'll settle more confidently into your own sacred journey and learn how to hear your guidance.

So, the process that seems to work is that we have one session and you absorb, learn, grow from the information and recalibration. Then when it's time for more we can spend time together again.

Hope this all makes sense and I'd love to hear from you to see where and how I can enable your journey and your Shine.

Sending Love Bubbles Your Way, LINDA

Vibrational Recalibration

  • What is it?

  • What does it do?

  • What do we do together?

  • How much does it cost?

  • Enabling you to step into the future wthout regret and with a healthy respect from all that has gone before.

Layers of growth and change.jpg

What is it


Your human body, Your heart library and Your soul have layers of information from this life and others.

Lots of this information is great guidance and other stuff isn’t. The other stuff, old rules, old processes, are not obvious.


They just seem to lie at the base of the storage system sneakily impacting your world.

With this process, we take the memory ingredients and neutralize them, extracting the vital ingredients to further highlight your personal power.

What do we do together?


The very first step is the reading, this is the first chance for your divine source to clarify your next steps; to clarify what it is that you need to work towards.

And with that communication, that conversation, we're given a clear understanding of:

  • what files to clear

  • what to grow

  • what to shine

  • and what to neutralise

The reading is the beginning, it’s the source of communication for us to work on.

Areas We work on Together


Of course this is a Unique moment which changes at each session.


The areas where I have skill and big interest regarding living here on Earth are:

  • Conscious Eating

  • Cellular Awareness

  • Past Present and Future timeline recalibrating

  • Gentle exploration/recalibration of old ‘rules’ and how they’ve landed with you today

  • Associations and their Why in this life

  • Healthy Abundance

  • Discernment and Trust

What's next


Together we work with the Recalibration Process, to bring up those files very gently (not looking at them), then neutralizing them or shining them and growing them - whatever works

How much does this cost?


This entire process costs $175.00 usd

This includes the beautiful Connected Reading; the Vibrational Recalibration Process and any other guided intuitive process.

Payment is via PayPal using this button.


Once payment has been sent, we can confirm the perfect time for You.

Please contact me if this shines for you and you need to create a payment plan with me - I've been blessed with a payment plan many times and am totally happy to offer this here. Much Love.

If you have more questions I'm available on 

Sending Love Bubbles out over the airwaves to YOU.

The results

The first and loudest result is that clients feel lighter, this seems to happen straight away.

More ongoing outcomes are that people find they’re not pondering the negatives quite as much, they’ve been neutralized, and that their way forward feels clearer.

Many times I’ve been told that the door opened for a way forward, with clear and definite steps.


What comes after that

My view of what's next is based on you moving ahead with clarity and power.

Not you being dependant on me but you taking the information that we've created, the clearing of the spaces that we've allowed.

To complete our time together, in any session, we install the new into the spaces left. We make sure the new is flowing throughout your system, bringing Love into your cells and atoms alongside the new information.


Does this call to you?

You can use this email contact to let me know of your interest and we can work out a time frame (across time zones) to book in our first session together.

Sending Big Love Bubbles to flow through your day. Much Love, LINDA

Personal Time with Linda

As a Heartisan and a Voice Magician I work completely with Divine Guidance during and personal session.

This guidance utilizes my earthly skills and knowledge while using the open connection to guide, advise and update and personal information for your journey.

Sending BIG LOVE BUBBLES out over the airwave to YOU.

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