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A 21 Day Personal Magic Container for greater awareness and more clarity.

Once your payment has been processed you will receive the Week One pdf which will have the personalised link to the rest of this collective. This should all flow effortlessly so please contact me on if you have any difficulties.

As you may have read before this beautiful collective will have you:

- Working with an intuitive collection of powerful Anahata Code Activations

- Engaging the Magic of the Ripple Effect with small steps of choosing

- Using a small daily self check-in

- Hold an awareness intention for the day

- Unwrap this Relax : Release : Transform cycle over a 21 day period

- Feel empowered by what you discover

- Offering ideas of the HOW and the WHY

- So that you can perceive and choose your WHERE and WHAT

- Trusting in your Inner Being for gentle solutions

- And working closely with your Inner Being to neutralize or shine the new files planted inside your heart library.

- Transformation through Choice, Gentleness and Flow

- Fits your phone screen easily

Relax : Release : Transform

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