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Abundance All Round
Abundance Consciousness

A 5 step series including audio and a journal workbook.

All for the amazing value of $33

Listen as Linda introduces this course to you.


Abundance All Around – Abundance Consciousness

Join me for 5 days of embedding Abundance Consciousness into your cells, spreading throughout your being.

You've probably landed here beause you wish for more abundance in your world. Well, I know that this series will assist.

It's not only money abundance that we all need for our ongoing happiness, it's abundance on all levels. AND that is the basis of this course, this series.

For this course you will receive 5 recordings of a process to lead you into a deeper sense of where abundance can live in your world along with a work book style journal to prompt the new thoughts.

Once your purchase has been confirmed you'll be directed to the Abundance All Round product page.

Here you can listen or download, which ever suits your resources.

EnJoy and thank you.

Abundance All Round is about Creating gentle awareness of where abundance lives in your world and where we hide from abundance.

Looking at the difference between linear and non linear abundance this series takes you on a journey through:

  • Where abundance lives in your world

  • And where do you FEEL abundant

  • What this feeling actually is

  • Where abundance hides in your world

  • Where do you diminish abundance?

  • Understanding that abundance is not about the dollars


During the series you’ll enjoy meditations and processes, all aimed at giving you ways to See abundance and Know abundance in its many forms.

Heart Library Codes (Anahata Codes) assist you and will be activated through the series. We work through the codes of Joy and Love and Abundance, combining these magic codes to enable you on your abundant journey.

Feedback from those who have successfully completed this course:

The Neutralizing With Love mini process shows you how easy it is to neutralize negative self talk.

While the 17 Second Rule shows you the simplicity of attaining a neutral feeling once you recognize the stress.


I look forward to sharing this information with you and am honored to have you in my world.

Blessings, LINDA

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